Frequently Asked Question


  • How do I sign up?

    Before this app can be used, make sure that you are signed into your Shopify store through your admin account.

  • Is the Ni3 Cart Tracking free?

    No. For first time usage, a credit of 5 order tracking will be given to test the app.

  • Do I get free updates?

    Update are done automatically. You don't have to be notified to update the app.

  • Is Ni3 Cart Tracking Mobile Friendly?

    Yes it is! If your theme is mobile responsive, so is Ni3 Cart Tracking. If you have any challenges, please reach out to our support team here.

  • Will this work with my theme?

    Yes it will. Ni3 Cart Tracking works with all Shopify themes, and for most stores - our app requires no additional configuration.

  • Does it work with wordpress?

    Currently, we only have support for Shopify App, we’ll try to make it available on wordpress in the nearest future.


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